Vinyl Exam Gloves, 1,000/Case

Vinyl Exam Gloves, 1,000/Case

Vinyl Exam Gloves, 1,000/Case

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GripProtect Vinyl Exam Gloves are high quality, disposable gloves for when simple hand protection and reducing transmission of infectious agents are of primary importance.

These gloves are Medical Exam Grade and are designed to protect against the transmission of bodily fluids, blood-borne pathogens and diseases during medical exams.

GripProtect Vinyl Exam Gloves are recommended for use in both healthcare and non-healthcare settings. This includes medical and dental examinations, skilled nursing and elderly assisted living facilities, laboratory technicians, food service and handling, cleaning and other uses that do not involve exposure to highly hazardous materials (such as strong chemicals). GripProtect Vinyl Exam Gloves are not made with any natural rubber latex proteins and are safe for handling food in case latex may cause allergic reactions. Several states have banned the use of latex gloves in the food service industry.

These gloves are made from durable, synthetic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and offer a great option in settings where frequent changing of gloves is required. The ambidextrous design and multiple sizes available including small, medium, large and extra large make them a perfect fit for both right-handed or left-handed men and women. Powder-free and with a smooth inner surface, GripProtect Vinyl Exam Gloves offer a comfortable fit and can be worn for extended periods of time without excess hand fatigue.

Features and benefits:

  • Medical exam grade gloves
  • Powder-free and latex-free
  • Clear color, ambidextrous
  • Easy to don with smooth inner surface

Recommended uses:

Law Enforcement
Food Preparation
Food Preparation


Conforms to ASTM D5250

Characteristics Values Test Method
Tensile Strength ≥ 12 MPa ASTM D412
Elongation before aging ≥ 340% ASTM D412
Thickness at middle finger


Thickness at palm

0.06 mm (2.4 mil)


0.07 mm (2.8 mil)

ASTM D5151, EN455-2


ASTM D5151, EN455-2

Barrier properties AQL ≤1.5 ASTM 5151, EN455-1
Length 230 mm ASTM D3767, EN420
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