Healgen – 6 Panel Oral Drug Test (Pack of 10 tests – $7.49/test)

Healgen – 6 Panel Oral Drug Test (Pack of 10 tests – $7.49/test)

Healgen – 6 Panel Oral Drug Test (Pack of 10 tests – $7.49/test)

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For Forensic Use Only

  • Oral fluid on-site drug testing allows for the delivery of fast and accurate results. A streamlined specimen collection and test procedure facilitates drug screening for employment and insurance purposes.
  • Highly accurate, sensitive and specific
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple drugs
  • Qualitative results within 10 minutes
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non-invasive specimen collection
  • Swab saturation indicator ensures ample specimen volume
  • Lid closure ensures sample integrity
  • Sample port for confirmation testing
  • 16 strip capacity
  • Customizable panels

Pallet Info

  • 1 test/package
  • 100 tests/carton

Contents Include

  • 1 Testing Cup

A Noninvasive 6-Panel Drug Test for Employers

If you work in the healthcare field, you know the importance of having accurate drug test materials available. Healgen 6-panel oral drug tests from Essentials Hero allow you to test for various substances with a quick mouth swab. This product reduces the chances of specimen tampering for routine drug tests or onboarding new workers in your healthcare facility.

These 6-panel oral drug tests for sale give you results in 10 minutes or less. There’s also a saturation indicator included to help users decipher the amount of specimen necessary for accurate results.

Benefits of Healgen 6-Panel Oral Drug Tests

These oral drug tests allow you to scan for multiple substances in the same kit. Each test features a tight-seal lid to ensure sample integrity.

Healgen 6-panel drug tests let you see results quickly for large drug screening operations and follow through with routine drug tests for employees. You might also use these testing kits during the onboarding process for new workers.

Essentials Hero customers often choose 6-panel oral drug tests because they eliminate some of the drawbacks seen in traditional drug tests. All you need is saliva to perform testing.

Compact 6-Panel Oral Drug Tests Online

Healgen 6-panel drug tests are small and made with materials that can survive for extended periods in storage. As a result, you can buy these tests in bulk to prepare for when you might need them and they will not require you to purchase special storage equipment. You will be able to leave the kits indoors within closets or cabinets, as the containers take up little space.

Buy Our 6-Panel Drug Tests in Bulk for Your Healthcare Facility

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