CleanCide Disinfectant Wipes (160 ct) – (Carton of 12 – $5.95/canister)

CleanCide Disinfectant Wipes (160 ct) – (Carton of 12 – $5.95/canister)

CleanCide Disinfectant Wipes (160 ct) – (Carton of 12 – $5.95/canister)

Regular price $71.40

$71.40/carton of 12 canisters

  • $5.95 / canister
  • $71.40/carton
  • 12 canisters/carton
  • 160 wipes/canister


  • EPA N List
  • 160 ct. canister
  • 12 packs/case
  • Sold per case
  • Call for higher volume pricing or buying agreement pricing
  • Top quality fabric with antibacterial formula, disinfects while cleaning up messes
  • Texture to pick up particles
  • Non-abrasive, non-damaging ultrasound wipes
  • Removes 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses
  • Deodorizes
  • Active ingredient: Citric Acid
  • Virucidal kill time: 5 minutes
  • Read the Safety Data Sheet
  • How To Use Instructions

Buy CleanCide Disinfectant Wipes

When you buy CleanCide wipes in bulk, you have plenty of wipes on hand to clean every surface. Ideal for virtually every industry, including food handling, clinics, hospitals, offices, retail spaces and any business where cleanliness and disinfection are important, these high-quality wipes take care of messes fast.

CleanCide wipes are made by Wexford Labs, which has been producing quality antimicrobial products since 1973. CleanCide disinfects hard, non-porous surfaces with no need for rinsing. These wipes are citric acid-based and are powerful against pathogens. They are on LIST N, approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), as well as norovirus and even antibiotic-resistant organisms.

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